Awesome ideas to make Apex Legends firing range the perfect practice ground

Joe Craven
Respawn Entertainment

A number of Apex Legends players have floated ideas as to how developers Respawn could improve the game’s firing range, with many wanting to see more love given to the training arena. 

Apex’s firing range is not particularly integral to the average battle royale match, but it seems that players still want to see its potential explored in the coming months.

While used by most as a warm-up for online matches, the firing range is home to an awesome third person easter egg, and players clearly want to see more additions of the same ilk to spruce things up.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Some players want to Apex’s Firing Range spruced up.

Games like Modern Warfare proved that training modes could be enjoyable and challenging, and some of the suggestions from players would bring those qualities to Apex’s firing range.

The first suggestion, from u/Suspicious-Yoghurt-9, would see a dashboard added to the firing range. This would allow users to quickly toggle options on or off, select the configurations of dummies and essentially tailor the mode to their specific liking.

Many liked the dashboard idea, arguing it would allow them to practice particular strategies and playing against certain enemies.

Another request, this time from u/ShadySummer1, was more simple and would see the addition of a golden ‘infinity ammo’ box.

Users were quick to clarify that this would not grant a specific weapon unlimited ammo from one magazine, rather the ability to endlessly reload without having to go and pick up more ammo. It would simply make practicing any gunplay all the more simple and efficient.

Whether Respawn implements either of the above ideas isn’t particularly clear, but Apex players appear keen to see more love given to the firing range.

While players will have to wait for changes to the training arena, they can get excited for Season 9: Legacy, which drops on May 4.