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Apex Legends • Jul 04, 2019

Artist shares incredible Octane-inspired Apex Legends shoes

Artist shares incredible Octane-inspired Apex Legends shoes

An artist has given a pair of Nikes a complete Apex Legends overhaul, this time focusing on Octane and they look incredible.


Octane is no longer the newest character in Apex Legends but his influence and popularity live on, even in some ways outside of the game.

Apex Legends features a unique cast of characters that lend themselves quite well to cosplay opportunities, as we've seen numerous times in the past but some of them can even work as a pair of sneakers.

Respawn Entertainment
Octane is one of Apex Legends' most popular characters.


Octane meets Nike

Adapting a character design to a shoe might not be the easiest thing to accomplish in the world but it can be done.

Octane somehow lends himself extremely well to a pair of shoes and makes us wish we could get our hands on them in some way or another.


Reddit user cle801 showed off the design of the shoes, which features Octane's signature green and gray color to go along with the toothy look.

The look is completed with the green and black socks. No matter your thoughts on Apex Legends, it's clear that this artist knocked it out of the park with this one.

cle801 - Reddit
Octane-inspired shoes.


If you think these look nice, you might be interested in knowing this isn't the only time we've seen cle801 overhaul shoes with Apex Legends characters.

Before Octane, we got to see what a pair of Jordan's would look like with the Bloodhound look. Fans who enjoyed what they saw with Octane will probably enjoy these ones just as much.

Reddit - cle801
Bloodhound-inspired shoes.


These are some spectacular designs and shows there's some real potential for EA and Respawn to branch out into shoes if they really wanted to.

Several other games have their own fashion line whether it's shirts, shoes, hats, etc. so there's no reason Apex Legends can't jump on that bandwagon.

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