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Artist continues unbelievable streak of Apex Legends skin creations

Published: 7/Mar/2020 22:14

by Scott Robertson


Game character illustrator/designer ‘WolfdawgArt’ is back with another collection of unbelievably gorgeous and detailed Apex Legends character and skins designs.

Character cosmetics and skins are a pivotal part of any popular multiplayer game. Not only do they provide plenty of revenue for titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Apex Legends, among others, they also inspire the communities of these games to try their hand at designing their own creations.

In January, Dexerto highlighted a huge collection of skin designs for Apex Legends characters by the extremely talented artist WolfdawgArt. Since then, they’ve designed even more skin concepts, and even some concepts for entirely new characters.

Shark Tank (Gibraltar)

The ocean’s apex predator would be a fearsome addition to Apex Legends in the form of this deadly cool shark-themed Gibraltar skin.

Featuring numerous well-placed shark fins and shark-teeth designs, this underwater nightmare is clearly a fan favorite, as it sits on top of the Apex Legends subreddit at the time of writing this article, garnering 16k upvotes in just eight hours.

The “straw boys” (Revenant and Bloodhound)

If Respawn were ever to add more rural areas to future maps, then these two Scarecrow-themed skins for Revenant and Bloodhound would be perfect additions to a Halloween event.

It’s fitting that both skins were posted on Valentine’s Day, because both look like they’re capable of a lot of love. Or murder.

Titanfall 2’s Scorch (Gibraltar)

This second Gibraltar skin takes inspiration from the first-person shooter series from Respawn that inspired Apex Legends, Titanfall.

Scorch is one of the more popular titans from the highly acclaimed multiplayer shooter, and his primary weapon of fire is felt in this scorchingly gorgeous skin.

RUNT (a Titanfall-inspired Legend concept)

Branching out from skin concepts, WolfdawgArt took a swing at designing a Legend concept, and again took influence from the Titanfall series in creating RUNT.

RUNT’s backstory and abilities are all inspired by Titanfall, and their tactical ability Wall Run was a pivotal part of the series that has frequently been discussed as a potential addition to Apex Legends.

WolfdawgArt themselves provided more details on RUNT’s story and abilities on the Apex subreddit:

WolfdawgArt posts numerous cosmetic and characters concepts on their Twitter account nearly every day. Their art expands past Apex Legends into SMITE, Star Wars, For Honor, and more.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends makes big changes to care package weapons in Season 7

Published: 30/Oct/2020 16:02

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that they’re making some pretty big changes in regards to the care package weapons in Apex Legends Season 7, as the R-99 is set to return to floor loot. 

With each new season, Respawn Entertainment brings plenty of changes to Apex Legends. New characters are introduced, existing ones are changed with buffs or nerfs, there’s usually a new weapon, skins, and sometimes items. 

In Season 7, Horizon is joining the Apex Games, and we’ve already had a whole host of legend changes confirmed too – as well as a handful of skins being revealed for a few different characters. 

On the new weapons front, though, confirmed details have been lacking. There have been rumors about new weapons, and even a new item type, but the biggest change looks to be coming to the care package weapons. 

Supply drop with weapons inside in Apex Legends
Certain weapons are kept inside supply drops in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 7 supply drop weapons

Care package weapons are rotated each season, meaning that some fan favorites become hard to find. This includes the R-99, which was regarded as one of the top weapons in Apex in the last few seasons. 

However, when it comes to Season 7, the powerful light ammo SMG is coming out of the care packages and returning to being floor loot – and potentially the Replicator through crafting too. 

This was confirmed by Apex Legends dev Chad Grenier in a pre Season 7 media briefing, who noted that the Prowler should be taking its place.

As for changes to the R-99, there’s no telling if it’ll be nerfed significantly in Season 7, or if it’ll return to its previous form where it was pretty strong anyway.

We’ll just have to wait until the patch notes are revealed when the new Season update releases on November 4 and bring Horizon, Olympus, and a whole host of new content with it as well.