Apex Legends players pick weapons that most need a buff in Season 14

Bill Cooney
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have narrowed the field down to two weapons they think should receive buffs in Season 14 to make them more viable options.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to weapons in Apex Legends, any player will tell you though, some just don’t get the job done like others.

However, most weapons are fairly balanced in Season 14, but users on Reddit have come up with two they think could use a bit of a boost.

L-Star and EVA-8 in need of some TLC

Apex player TightestKnees posted their take on the various weapons on July 30, and users quickly came to the conclusion both the EVA-8 and L-Star need something to make them more viable.

“Eva8 and L-Star just feel like dogs**t,” one user replied, and they were far from the only one.

So what can be done to improve these guns? For the Eva-8, most players want to see it’s damage increased, and a bit more consistent of a spread when firing.

On the L-Star side of things, an increased firing rate could help to tackle the “sluggish” feeling wielding the gun often has.

Whether or not Respawn will make these changes and try to improve the L-Star and EVA-8’s use rate during Season 14 is unknown, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see something happen to one or both of them in the near future.