Apex player creates amazing combat journey idea once matches are over

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How cool would it be if your entire combat journey gets portrayed after completing matches in Apex Legends? Well, an Apex player has suggested exactly that and the community is loving it.

Something that Apex Legends have always lacked unlike some other BR games is a summary of matches played. Basic notes like total distance traveled, or the place where a particular player gets the maximum kills have never made their way to the ending screen of a match.

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However, an Apex player suggested an idea via Reddit, where the entire combat journey is displayed at the end of a match. The community lapped up the idea.

The player’s rough sketch shows the full summary of a match – right from the spot they landed to the spot where they were eliminated. It also highlights the kill locations but his idea also includes other metrics like “downs, revives along with the landing area and death/win location” and “the distance traveled and time alive.”

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To this, one of the players agreed and replied, “That’s actually a good idea, enough of these and some calculations on heavy kill areas and whatnots can be made.”

Another player compared Apex’s API to PUBG, commenting, “PUBG has had this in their API for 5+ years now. No clue why Apex has never had it. There is so much in-depth data available after every PUBG match that can help you understand your game and strategy. It’s called PUBG-Replay and is a third-party website. You can see where enemies came from, how much damage you dealt in each fight…etc. It’s a shame Apex doesn’t have that.”

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Some players also think that these stats can be easily implemented on the client side as the metrics are specific to each player. “They can track this info client-side since it’s specific to each player, and it’s not even a large amount of data, to begin with.”

Even though this system has not made its way to the game fully yet, it does exist to some extent. This is limited to some private matches only where things like hotspots, ship flight paths, and more can be seen.

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