Apex Legends YouTuber WaterGotHim reportedly banned for DDoSing

Alex Garton
Apex Legends ddos
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends YouTuber WaterGotHim has now been reportedly banned for DDoSing in Predator lobbies to increase his in-game rank.

Like most multiplayer titles nowadays, Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart. Thousands of players log in every single day to queue up for ranked and hopefully, increase their RP.

For the best players in the community, achieving the rank of Apex Predator is the ultimate goal. Only the top-performing players can reach that level and even then, their spot is always being contested by another challenger attempting to rise through the ranks.

However, not everyone decides to play fair, with some members of the community using hacks, cheats, and even DDoS attacks to gain an advantage over their opponents. Apex YouTuber WaterGotHim has now been reportedly banned for DDosing the game’s servers to pick up free wins in ranked.

Accused of DDoSing
Respawn Entertainment/YouTube: Jtron
DDoS attacks cause the Apex servers to crash and slow down.

Apex Legends YouTuber reportedly banned for DDoSing

In a video originally posted by Jtron and reported on by Thordan Smash, Apex YouTuber WaterGotHim was accused of using DDoS attacks to climb the ranks in Predator.

In evidence, Thordan Smash outlined the fact that WaterGotHim had been “hardstuck” at 10,000 RP before gaining a massive 3,000 out of the blue overnight. On top of this, he showed a clip of the YouTuber winning a game that had been DDoSed.

Shortly after being accused, WaterGotHim responded on Twitter, denying all of the claims against him.

Since then, Respawn has directly investigated the accusations and reportedly issued a ban across all of WaterGotHim’s accounts.

Thordan Smash even presented a clip from WaterGotHim’s Twitch stream that shows the YouTuber attempting and failing to get into a game.

“WaterGotHim is banned, shadowbanned, and can no longer access any of his accounts… there was some merit to the rumors that I went ahead and posted in the videos.”

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Respawn would never issue a ban unless they had a significant amount of evidence against a player. It’s clear the widespread discussion around WaterGotHim and the accusations spurred the developers to look into the issue further.

For now, WaterGotHim has not responded or made any posts since receiving the ban.