Apex Legends YouTuber breaks damage world record set by iiTzTimmy

Apex Legends damage recordRespawn Entertainment

A Japanese Apex Legends YouTuber has broken the in-game damage world record, but they’ve made it very clear that it shouldn’t be compared to Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An’s 9k solo game.

Time to kill in Apex Legends is a lot slower compared to other battle royale titles such as Warzone and Fortnite. As enemy squads are usually equipped with multiple Shield Batteries and Med Kits, it’s essential players look to deplete these resources by racking up damage on their opponents.

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Respawn Entertainment even rewards players with badges for reaching a specific amount of damage in a single game, with 4,000 being the hardest badge to obtain.

Despite this, there’s always a group of players that manage to push the boundaries of what the developers thought was possible, hitting unbelievable damage numbers.

Back in February, Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy managed to break the record with a 9069 damage solo game. Now, a Japanese YouTuber has smashed that number, but said both records shouldn’t be compared.

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New Damage World RecordRespawn Entertainment
RakyThought racked up 10864 damage in a single game.

RakyThought sets new damage world record

Apex Legends YouTuber RakyThought has broken the in-game damage world record, reaching 10864 damage in a single match. The unbelievable achievement has been uploaded to their channel where viewers can see the whole game unfold.

The talented Apex player used the Spitfire and the EVA-8 as their primary weapons throughout the entire match. While there were a few close-fought gunfights, it was obvious RakyThought was in control the entire time and looking to pick up as much damage as possible.

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Realizing that their damage world record was inevitably going to be compared to iiTzTimmy’s 9k solo game, RakyThought addressed the issue below the video.

In a pinned comment, the YouTuber acknowledged that they could never beat Timmy’s 9k damage in Solos and that their records shouldn’t be compared.

“For those who compare with Timmy, it was easy because I’m at a full party… Solo is too difficult for me to do, so Timmy is better.”

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RakyThought on Timmy's record

RakyThought’s humble statement does show why it’s important to take the context of each of the damage records into consideration.

However, despite achieving the milestone in a premade group, it remains the highest recorded amount of damage ever reached in an Apex game to date.

With it being 1795 damage above Timmy’s personal best, it’ll be interesting to see if the Twitch streamer attempts to surpass the new record with a premade group in the near future.

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