Apex Legends Xbox crashing exploit: Respawn respond as Ranked ruined by sore losers

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An Apex Legends dev has confirmed that Respawn is working on another fix for the crashing exploit causing havoc in Xbox lobbies.

As Apex Legends is a multiplayer battle royale that’s constantly online, it requires Respawn to react quickly to an issue when it’s affecting players or preventing them from playing.

While Legend balancing and minor glitches can often be left for patches to fix, some problems have to be addressed immediately.

This is certainly the case when it comes to server issues or exploits that crash lobbies, as it prevents a huge portion of the community from playing the game as intended.

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Well, Respawn is dealing with exactly that on Xbox at the moment, as an exploit triggered by players is crashing matches and making it impossible to play.

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Season 13 arrived on May 10.

Apex Legends dev confirms Xbox lobby exploit fix is coming

Since Season 13 went live, an exploit that’s triggered by players has been causing Xbox lobbies to crash, making it impossible for a lot of console players to enjoy Saviors.

Luckily, the devs were quick to respond, with Security Analyst at Respawn Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford revealing that a fix had been rolled out for the issue on May 18.

Despite this, it didn’t take the devs long to realize that the problem was still affecting players, as there were constant complaints from those on Xbox that the crashes were still occurring.

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Now, on May 20, Hideouts has confirmed once again that another fix is being worked on and the team will update the community when more information is available.

If you play Apex on Xbox, it may be best to avoid playing Ranked for a little while until the devs provide an update on the situation, as you may risk losing some of your RP.

Hopefully, Respawn can resolve the issue as quickly as possible, but with the first fix going wrong, it may take them a lot longer than usual to solve the problem.