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Apex Legends writers reveal more on Loba’s abilities & role in Season 5

Published: 2/May/2020 22:47

by Theo Salaun


Loba is Apex Legends’ newest character, and the game’s writers have hinted at her abilities, story, and how she factors into changes expected for Season 5.

The fifth season of Apex Legends, Fortune’s Favor, launches on May 12. So far, we know that Loba will be released, but not what her role is or how the game’s map will be impacted.

Her cinematic trailer and in-game teasers have revealed two other pieces of information: she possesses the technological capacity for teleportation, and still hates Revenant.


New details about Loba

Following YouTuber ‘staycation’s’ interview with Respawn Entertainment’s writers, Tom Casiello and Ashley Reed, we now know some more. While they remained mostly coy, they still made strong hints about her and Season 5, which Casiello expects to be “a real turning point for Apex Legends.”

Many have wondered about Loba’s abilities, skins and in-game quips. In her trailer, she is seen wielding a staff and, in the in-game teaser, her ability to teleport is shown. When asked if said staff would be incorporated in her abilities, Casiello excitedly suggested that it “very well could!”

As for teleportation, he confirmed that she has the capacity to do so, but also dispelled theories that it operates like Wraith’s teleportation: “We are not going into the Void … the Void is safe for Wraith”


The writers also discussed what fans believed were two notable visual cues from the trailer: the glowing gems of a stolen necklace, and a sleek stolen mask. Reed asserted that the gems are in no way related to her abilities, while suggesting that the mask could, one day, be part of a legendary skin: “Never say never!”

Satiating fan curiosity surrounding Revenant and Loba’s in-game interactions, the writers confirmed that they’ve worked for months to ensure that players’ “experience playing with Revenant and Loba is as authentic as it possibly can be.” So there should be some spicy quips, at the very least. 

Hints at Season 5’s map and Loba’s involvement

They also touched on the prospective map and story changes coming into play for Season 5. Many theories have played with concepts of laboratories, particularly underground ones, and the roles of the Harvester and Hammond Robotics.

Respawn Entertainment
Hammond Robotics has had a prominent, albeit mysterious presence across Apex Legends’ maps for seasons.


Without giving too much away, Casiello confirmed that her “relationship with Hammond will be explored very much in Season 5” – specifying that players will “get to see how she interacts” with the mysterious company.

Further, he elaborated that the Harvester is going to be heavily involved in Season 5 “and in seasons beyond.” When pressed on the teased subterranean laboratories, he held back from confirming speculation and simply asserted that everything “will be answered in the launch trailer for the season.”

So Loba’s teleportation and staff will almost certainly be a factor in Season 5, but her character will also have a major impact on the season’s map. Now we can’t wait for the official launch trailer.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev responds to Winter Express ‘crush’ bug

Published: 4/Dec/2020 11:19

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends developer has responded to a frustrating bug that is crushing players in corners in the Winter Express LTM. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, game developers across the globe are racing to get their updates in so that players can celebrate while also playing their favorite games. In the case of Respawn, the Apex Legends dev have brought back the Holo-Day Bash event as well as the Winter Express LTM. 

The popular limited-time mode is pretty simple, with players battling in tight spaces, and with random loadouts, to take control of the train that used to chug around World’s Edge. 

While it is incredibly fun, there are a few issues cropping up – with the biggest one, this time around, seeing players being crushed when they go near certain corners or interact with a teammate. 

EAThe Winter Express LTM provides a new element to squad-on-squad combat.

Anyone who likes to get their teammates a friendly punch will have noticed the issue, but Apex Legends player blinnddd was confused at first – asking if it was a bug or an intended consequence of getting their teammate a tap. 

Plenty of players quickly responded to say it was an issue before Daniel Klein – a Senior Game Designer at Respawn – chimed in to confirm it’s a problem, but it’s not exactly a simple one to get ironed out. 

“F**king moving geo 🙁 Yeah, it’s a bug, but not an easy one to fix, he commented shortly after the post went up on the Apex Legends subreddit. “Hope that was in the grace period!”

Additionally, the problem has been flagged on Respawn’s public Trello board of Apex Legends issues, but it’s purely in the investigating phase for now. 

The Holo-Day bash event, and the Winter Express LTM, are set to run until January 4, so there is plenty of time to get it straightened out, but as Klein notes, its not an easy one. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.