Apex Legends writer promises “fun” Mirage storyline coming in Season 6

Respawn Entertainment

Haven’t had enough of fast-talking, wise-cracking Apex Legends funny guy Mirage just yet? Good, because he’s getting even more “fun” storylines once Season 6 arrives, according to a promise from battle royale writer Tom Casiello.

Mirage spent much of the early days of Apex Legends basically on the sideline. He was one of the worst picks in-game, and had little in the way of character development in the lore too.

Season 4 changed all that, however. The fast-talking trickster copped a monster buff, which fired him to the top of the metagame. Soon after, the Apex writers began pouring lore tidbits for the confident-yet-nervous Elliot Witt into the game.

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Mirage fans are certainly living in a golden age for their character too; the trickster will join IMC soldier Bangalore and revenge-chasing Loba as a central Legend in Season 6, at least according to Respawn writer Tom Casiello.

Mirage will be getting more Respawn Entertainment
Mirage will be getting more “fun” Apex Legends stories in Season 6.

Casiello’s promise of more “fun” storylines for the Holographic Trickster came in a Twitter thread that started with a quintessential Casiello joke. The Apex Legends penman ‘admitted’ (read: joked) the writing team had, unfortunately, “taken a season off lore-writing.”

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Of course, the Apex Legends fandom spun up into a tizzy; Respawn’s battle royale has been fired to all-new levels of popularity, thanks to its character narratives. It was “truly a shame” there’d be no more lore in season six ⁠— especially for Mirage ⁠— one Apex fan replied, and others echoed the sentiment too.

Casiello couldn’t keep the facade up for long, though the writer did follow up the jokes with another classic tongue-in-cheek post. He tagged co-writers Manny Hagopian and Ashley Reed, and pretended to be disappointed lore had been binned, before making a roundabout Mirage promise.

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“We aren’t?? Nobody told us! Hey, @MannyHagopian and @ashsmashreed! I guess that’s it for Mirage lore, folks. Throw out everything we had planned for him in Season Six. Would’ve been fun too! Oh well,” he wrote, seemingly enjoying himself.

There’s no telling exactly what kind of stories Mirage might be getting in Apex’s sixth season, however. The title’s main storyline heading into Season 6 is focused on Loba and Revenant; it could even see players head to new world Olympus.

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The Broken Ghost questline from last season also brought back Titanfall 2 villain Ash in the adventure’s jaw-dropping conclusion. Season 6 will also add turret-wielding Legend Rampart, who seems to be involved with Ash and Blisk.

Gameplay-wise, the battle royale will also get a few major changes. Respawn is adding new “crafting” mechanics to the game, and there’s a chance Apex Legends will finally get its third new arena map, Olympus, this month too.

Basically, Apex Legends could go anywhere when the next season arrives on August 18. The Respawn writing team has been flexing its muscles in recent seasons ⁠— even while locked in quarantine ⁠— and the future is getting brighter.

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