Apex Legends Wraith main tired of waiting for Prestige skin so they made their own

Apex Legends Voidwalker Wraith skinRespawn Entertainment

Wraith is one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends and serves as one of the main faces of the franchise. For all her popularity, she has yet to earn a Prestige skin so one fan took it upon themself to imagine what one might look like.

Prestige skins are the rarest cosmetics in all of Apex Legends. As of August 2022, only two Legends( Bangalore and Bloodhound) even have these Mythic level designs in their collection.

These upgradeable redesigns will surely be coming to more characters as time goes on, but the unending legion of Wraith fans has been particularly vocal about not receiving one.

While it may still be a while longer before Respawn implements an official offering, one dedicated fan took the time to draw up their take on what it might look it when the time comes.

Apex Legends Wraith main creates custom Wraith Prestige skin concept

The concept is similar to the existing Voidwalker skin, which gives her something of a Titanfall meets Power Rangers style that really stands out in comparison to many of her other looks.

This time around though, there’s a much bigger emphasis on the purple color that decorates her base skin in the game.

Of course, not everyone is ready to accept that Wraith is likely to get a Prestige skin in the near future and it’s pretty easy to understand why.

While there were several compliments left for designer ItsHuubske, one of the most common takeaways from the thread is that the Interdimensional Skirmisher already has a treasure trove to choose from and that the other Legends should get a chance to shine first.

“No more wraith skins for a while please,” one commenter pleaded.

Unfortunately for the opposed, it doesn’t seem like Respawn is going to back down off their favorite phase runner anytime soon.