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Game-breaking Apex Legends glitch makes Wraith almost unkillable

Published: 11/Jul/2019 12:21 Updated: 11/Jul/2019 12:42

by Joe O'Brien


A game-breaking Apex Legends glitch allows Wraith players to use her Into the Void tactical ability multiple times back-to-back.

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Wraith’s Into the Void is one of the more powerful tactical abilities in the game, making her invulnerable to damage and granting a slight movement speed increase to allow her to escape and reposition.

Thanks to a new exploit, however, it appears that players are able to use the ability without incurring the 25-second cooldown, meaning they can continuously become invulnerable and therefore be almost impossible to kill.

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It’s not entirely clear how this glitch is executed, although it seems to be related to interrupting the ability’s initiation with a melee attack. The player exploiting the glitch can be seen using Into the Void multiple times back-to-back, so it appears that the glitch can be replicated quite reliably.


Apex Legends player Darkstar XT caught the glitch in action. The player in question appears to be playing on PS4, and it’s not clear yet whether this glitch can be exploited on all platforms or just on that console.

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This glitch could give Wraith players massive advantages, both allowing them to maintain a faster pace over long distances and, if chained together properly, making them practically unkillable while escaping from enemy fire. The ability also prevents damage from the ring, so repeated uses could allow Wraith to take routes that otherwise wouldn’t be possible or survive for much longer than she should.


This isn’t the first time that Wraith has been able to use her abilities without incurring the proper cooldown, and in the previous instance the glitch was also performed by interrupting the ability as it was initially used.

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For some time, Wraith players were able to use her Dimensional Rift ultimate ability multiple times without resetting their ultimate charge, although that glitch has now been fixed by developers Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends players will undoubtedly be hoping that this too gets addressed before it becomes too prevalent and Wraiths become especially infuriating to play against.