Apex Legends Wraith buff idea adds powerful CoD Warzone perk to her abilities

Wraith apex buff ideaRespawn Entertainment / Infinity Ward

Apex Legends players are always suggesting innovative improvements to their favorite characters, and this clever Wraith suggestion would bring in a fan-favorite Call of Duty perk. 

While some Apex Legends fans are figuring out how to conquer overpowered Legends, others like NICKMERCS are focused on improving ranked play. However, even some of the original Legends are still subject to debate and change.

Wraith, included with the game at launch, can be a powerful Legend when used in the right hands – but has received some nerfs since her initial release. This includes a delay to her tactical phase ability, which Wraith mains wish was removed.

But, this suggestion could enhance her abilities, by taking a page from Call of Duty’s playbook.

Wraith teleport exploitRespawn Entertainment
Wraith’s teleporting abilities are useful to escape tense gunfights.

Wraith’s passive could be so much better

While Wraith’s Dimension Rift and Into The Void abilities are useful for tactically evading enemies, her passive ability Voices From The Void isn’t quite as essential.

Prompting players with an audible cue that distant enemies are in taking aim, the ability does little else to improve any odds of survival.

However, a suggestion from Apex YouTuber anapexbot could drastically level the playing field when it comes to visibility.

High Alert became a quick hit with Modern Warfare players, allowing them to be aware of potential threats with a subtle visual aid. When an enemy is looking at you, your screen will be highlighted orange in the direction of the enemy.

Combing Apex’s and CoD’s audio/visual aids together could be an incredible improvement to Wraith’s passive. Taking on step further, one fan suggested the visual element could be “just a flash it could be like some void particles.”

This would be more in line with Apex lore, while still offering a fresh way to track foes on the battlefield.

The devs behind Apex Legends are always responding to fan suggestions and ideas, so anything could happen in future seasons.