Apex Legends’ “worst gun” is even less popular than the Mozambique

André González Rodríguez
Apex worst gunRespawn Entertainment

After debating which weapon is the worst in the game, Apex Legends players have finally come to a consensus.

Apex is home to nearly 30 different weapons. Ranging from the standard assault rifles and submachine guns, to shotguns and sniper rifles, every player has their own preference.

The Apex community though, has come up with their number one offender when it comes to it being the worst gun, one that’s even less popular than the Mozambique: the P2020.

Apex Legends community declares P2020 the “worst gun”

In a thread by Reddit user FlatAd5285 on the official Apex subreddit, players discussed what they though was the “worst weapon” in the game.

Some players suggested weapons like the EVA-8 and the Havoc as candidates. However, none were able to overcome consensus on the P2020 as the worst of them all.

Just because players though it was the “worst” though, doesn’t mean it’s a terrible gun. Instead, players blasted it for being too “common” and not boasting anything to set it apart.

p2020 ApexRespawn Entertainment
The P2020 is one of the most common weapons in Apex Legends.

The P2020 is often seen as a “lowest common denominator of sorts” that appears all the time, but isn’t really worth picking up.

Fans of Apex have called for buffs to the Pistol many times, which devs somewhat answered with the Season 12 Defiance patch update.

However, it seems like that wasn’t enough for Apex fans. Only time will tell if Respawn Entertainment will respond with more buffs in the future to get the gun out of the doghouse.