Apex Legends weapon audio trick helps track teams for easy kills

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A trick in Apex Legends lets players gauge how far away someone is depending on the gunshots they’re hearing. Given a battle royale’s nature, these weapon audio queues can lend themselves to easy kills.

There’s a way for Apex players to discern how far away someone is depending on the kind of gun being used, which can give teams a good idea of where the action is taking place to mark their next move.

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Apex Legends is like other BRs in that a third team can swoop in at any time to disrupt a fight between two other squads.

Also known as getting ‘third partied,’ this is a common occurrence that can turn the tide of a match depending on who makes the first move.

YouTuber ‘TimProVision’ saw how far different weapon categories can be heard from. Things like shotguns can be heard about 200 meters out while snipers can be heard from 450 meters.

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As a reference point, the radius for the first ring of a match is about 550 meters. Meaning you can be a quick rotation away from any weapon you hear discharged in Apex.

If you can hear a sniper, then be prepared to use short-to-mid sightlines when rotating. Hearing something like an Assault Rifle or SMG can mean someone is close enough to make a play on.

People can train their ears with this kind of information and adapt their gameplay to start wracking up some kills – even to a fault.

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apex legends gun sound audio rangeTimProVision YouTube
Hearing what kind of shots are going off in Apex Legends can give you a good idea of where players are.

“Was just talking with my buddies about how easy it is to third party on KC because of how far away you can hear gunshots,” one person said. “They really should reduce it.”

There has been discussion among popular Apex figures to tweak the sounds from guns to reduce third parties.

Until Respawn Entertainment changes Apex Legends’ sounds that affect gun sounds, players can have another tool at their disposal to come out on top.

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