Apex Legends Wattson glitch activates secret Nessie emote

apex legends wattson nessieRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends glitch with one of Wattson’s emotes can unlock a bizarre Nessie emote that takes cues from a previously patched bug for her.

Wattson’s connection to her Nessie doll is embedded in official Apex lore and has been a beloved aspect of her past to the Apex community. Respawn Entertainment has leaned into that part of her fandom by giving her an emote that permanently places a Nessie doll on the map during a match.

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Players have now found a way to upgrade that emote, in a sense, by combining the animation with a known bug that combines Wattson’s pylon that she carries on her back with Nessie.

There are a couple of steps to follow to make it work, but it’s relatively easy to reproduce in-game. Here’s how it’s done.

Apex Legends Wattson secret Nessie emote

apex legends nessieRespawn Entertainment
Nessies have had a few different forms in Apex Legends.

Apex bug-finder ‘RossBobSquirrel’ found an endearing Nessie emote by activating an animation bug that gives the doll a bit more flair with a mini-Intercept Pylon as a hat.

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Wattson is known for the huge pylon that she carries on her back and the new animation lets her bestow the little figurine with one more for their size.

For players who want to experiment with this emote for themselves, simply follow the steps needed to do the activation glitch per YouTuber RossBobSquirrel’s method.

Apex Legends animation glitch:

  • Have 2 weapons
  • Make sure your equipped weapon has an attachment
  • Hang on a ledge, then take off the attachment and place in your backpack
  • Drop your equipped weapon
  • Interact with something then switch to your other weapon

The YouTuber notes that you “should be able to shoot while interacting” with something like a Charge Tower to know if the animation glitch is activated.

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After that, just select the emote from the quip weel and press the ult button while emoting to see her bring out a doll decorated with a mini version of her pylon.

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