Apex Legends victory rewards could be the perfect way to overhaul Crafting Metals

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players feel that the game’s crafting can be grueling and largely unrewarding, which is leading some players to think the system needs a major overhaul.

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The launch of Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale was met with incredible acclaim by fans, but as time goes on numerous growing pains are starting to wear on the players.

The Apex fan base has been mulling over how to best retool the crafting system that would give players a better footing for acquiring necessary materials to create some of the games more prestigious cosmetics.

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Respawn EntertainmentThere are a vast array of prestigious items to get in Apex Legends, but actually earning them is a tall task.

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Can’t craft without materials

Even though most fans recognize and fully appreciate the game’s free-to-play structure, there are those who feel that grinding in King’s Canyon isn’t getting them far with many aspects of the battle royale.

“I’ve been playing Apex pretty steady since its launch, and have enjoyed it immensely. However, crafting in its current state is a real issue…” Redditor ‘feedingturtles’ said. “I’ve only accrued 1145 crafting materials – not even enough to craft 1 Legendary item. This system needs a real overhaul IMO and really hurts the grind aspect of Apex.”

Fans think there’s a serious lack of ways to earning materials but there could be a way to find a happy medium between grinding and earning.

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Respawn Entertainment via Shack NewsSome players think that luck plays a bigger factor into getting materials than time spent playing.

How to fix the crafting system?

Before getting into the discussion, players acknowledged that the free-to-play model only works if there are other incentives for people to spend their money on, such as highly coveted cosmetics.

With that in mind, some players think that it wouldn’t be damaging to introduce a small but consistent reward for winning games.

“Alright I know this is a F2P and devs have to make money somehow, but guys as much as I have fun playing this game, it’s still lacking rewards for winning a game,” Redditor ‘tactikz4’ said.

Tactikz4 even gave a structure that would reward crafting materials in a tiered system for victors such as “1st Place: 50. 2nd Place 30. 3rd Place: 10.”

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With suitable restrictions or limits to the amount of crafting materials one could earn in a given day, this solution could be a gateway to a more rewarding system to take place.