Apex Legends players want upgraded ping system to improve looting

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends players are hoping that Respawn Entertainment will hear their calls and add an extra set of pings for getting upgrades to weapons and armor.

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Apex is going strong after the release of Season 3: Meltdown, with fans coming back to Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale to get their hands on a flood of new seasonal content. 

A new map, a new legend in Crypto, and new weapons are usually easy winners to get players on-board, however, some are still calling for changes.

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Screenshot (Respawn Entertainment/EA)
Meltdown has given Apex Legends players a brand new map to try and bag victories on.

Specifically, they want to have in-game pings and voice lines to ask for better equipment – just like they do when they find items in drops, boxes, or even just on the ground.

The idea was floated on the Apex Legends subreddit by user caiine, who stated that pinging equipped items should trigger a call for needing higher levels. 

“Sometimes I want to tell my teammates that I’m still looking for a backpack level 2 or heavy ammo magazine level 2 or higher, but I always have to type that out,” the player posted. They also added that it would be a “nice feature,” and something to improve the game’s quality of life – which the developers have made strides to change in the past.

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While some may assume that the other fans would shoot down the idea and suggest using a mic or continue on typing out the request, that wasn’t the case. 

One Redditor, PhoenixDaddy, added: “Gonna get a bunch of ‘use mic’ comments, but I’m with you. The worst is having a 1X sight on your sniper, and having to take it off to ask for sniper optics.” 

Another, Rexiel44, even took the idea up a level: “Agreed, and pinging a hop-up should say ‘I need x weapon or y weapon’ that goes with that hop-up.”

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As the Respawn team hasn’t been averse to adding quality of life changes that fans have suggested in the past, they could very well find a way to make this happen in-game. 

However, it joins a growing list of requests from fans who want to see changes made to looting on console in order to put them in equal standing with PC players.