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Apex Legends update patch notes: Season 6 Armor changes reverted

Published: 3/Sep/2020 18:15 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 18:42

by Calum Patterson


Respawn Entertainment have done a U-Turn on their major change to Armor health in Season 6, reverting it to its previous values, after feedback from players.

At the start of Season 6, Apex Legends made some major changes to armor, making all armor on the map Evolving, while also reducing the amount of health each armor level added.

This had a major impact on gameplay, as it reduced the time-to-kill (TTK) across the board. This split the community immediately, and in response to the feedback, this decision has been reverted.

Evo Shields were introduced back in Apex Legends Season 3.
Respawn Entertainment
The Season 6 armor changes are being reverted.

Respawn’s Jason McCord explained that they originally made the decision during internal playtesting, but once it was out in the wild, the feedback from players made them have a rethink.


Bug fixes

This update also includes a series of bug fixes that should address some of the community’s primary concerns since Season 6 launched.

This includes the very frustrating bug that prevented Loba’s teleport ability from actually working, mainly on World’s Edge, as it simply wouldn’t teleport her in many cases.

There’s also a fix for the exploit that allowed Gibraltar’s dome to be placed on top of Rampart’s mini-gun, making for a very overpowered combo.

Apex Legends September 3 patch notes


  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Made adjustments to the appearance of several holosprays.
  • Removed an inappropriate Caustic voice line.


  • Fixed an issue with audio not playing when shooting the Devotion and Volt.
  • Fixed an issue where Crypto’s drone in Caustic gas would play to the whole server
  • Fixed marking crafting replicators from the ship playing a “Let’s go here” VO ping.


  • Fixed an issue with Evo Shields that require exactly 100 damage not evolving when crafting the 100 points.
  • Fixed an issue with Ninja controller configuration not being able to use Replicators.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to revive a teammate when they are downed while using a replicator.


  • Fixed an issue with Dome Shield on a Sheila allowing a player to shoot through the Dome Shield.


  • Fixed an issue with the “No Mercy” finisher spamming “Boom” to the entire server.
  • Fixed an issue with amped cover walls requiring more hits from heirlooms than from normal melee to be destroyed.
  • Fixed a server crash when Sheila is destroyed while someone is using it.


  • Fixed an issue with Hack not detecting players on Sheila.


  • Fixed an issue with the portal disappearing upon Wraith’s death.
  • Fixed a crash with Wraith’s portal interacting with World’s Edge geysers.
  • Fixed an error when Wraith’s portal is too close to a replicator and the player interacts with the replicator.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Loba’s teleport to fail in certain areas.