Apex Legends update 1.90 patch notes: FPS lag fix, client crash & errors

apex legends patch notes cryptoRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends 1.90 patch update is here and aims to fix the battle royale’s game structure as player reports of dropped frames and buggy clients mount.

Respawn Entertainment have been making Legend balance changes since the Season 12 Defiance patch and it seems like the studio is happy with where things stand. It could be why the devs are focusing on chipping away at the game’s performance issues more than anything else.

The March 1 update is another attempt at quelling some of the biggest issues in Apex Legends, as it concerns FPS drops, as well as what might be causing issues for the title’s program.

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This will largely affect console players, but Respawn will also be looking to make improvements in their Apex client that should make for a smoother experience.

apex legends pathfinderRespawn Entertainment
Respawn are systematically fixing the FPS and performance issues in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends patch update download size

The download size for the March 1 Apex Legends 1.90 patch is 48.32 GB on PlayStation, 87.85 GB on Xbox, and 75.7 MB for PC users.

Though the size of the update varies across platforms, it’s all in the name of rectifying some of the program’s performance problems.

Apex Legends FPS drop fix

At the turn of Season 12, Apex Legends players have been reporting massive FPS issues throughout the game. The issues have largely affected console players and Respawn are cracking down on the root cause.

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As such, this update will mark consecutive weeks where Apex players need to download an update to address such problems.

The studio made huge strides in the last update but told their players to expect more fixes in the weeks ahead.

The patch notes for the Apex Legends March 1 update are brief and the devs might not be done with these incremental fixes.

Apex Legends March 1 update

  • Additional console performance improvements, including Gen4 FPS drops
  • Fixes for various client crashes and errors