Apex Legends update 1.89 patch notes: FPS issues, Prestige skin fix, Control leaver penalty

apex legends bloodhound prestigeRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends 1.89 update is live and Respawn Entertainment are pushing a swarm of fixes for the recent FPS issues plaguing console players along with a fix for Bloodhound’s Prestige skin challenges.

Season 12 Defiance loaded the battle royale with a ton of new cosmetics and weapon changes. But some issues started slipping through the cracks of the game’s systems, leaving some people worse for wear.

That’s resulted in problematic frame rate issues that would hinder Apex console players. Then there was a bug that made it frustrating to complete the Bloodhound Prestige skin challenges.

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Bloodhound Prestige skin challenge fix

bloodhound prestige skinRespawn Entertainment
Respawn are aiming to fix the Bloodhound Prestige skin challenge counters that would often reset.

In less than a week from acknowledging the Bloodhound Prestige skin challenge bug, Respawn have already hit the community with a potential fix for the problem.

Some players would find that the damage counter for the Bloodhound Prestige skin challenges would randomly reset, making it a tall order to complete.

Respawn expect this issue to now be resolved so that players can properly evolve the Season 12 skin to its ultimate form.

Control leaver penalty

The standout addition of Season 12, Control mode, has been experiencing a problem with Apex players leaving before the game is done.

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Respawn are trying to mitigate leavers by adding a new leaver penalty in the mode to prevent lopsided teams. This should make people think twice before abandoning the Control LTM.

apex legends controlRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends new LTM, Control, has been derailed from people abandoning matches.

Apex frame rate bug

The devs have been trying to resolve the Apex Legends FPS issues that players are reportedly facing on console.

Respawn’s February 22 update will be “the first of several” patches that will address the FPS problem. The hope is that the patch resolves some of the occurrences while the engineers find a meaningful fix.

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Respawn are targeting big problems to solace in the 1.89 patch update and you can check out the full notes below, courtesy of Respawn.

Apex Legends 1.89 update patch notes

  • Bloodhound’s Prestige Skin challenges resetting
  • Enabling the leaver penalty for Control
  • Certain Bloodhound stat trackers not working
  • The first of several updates to address the fps issue on consoles