Apex Legends update 1.85 patch notes: Controller ping bug, Rampage exploit, more

. 6 months ago
apex legends rampage wraith
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The Apex Legends 1.85 patch notes update is Respawn’s attempt to quell disruptive issues in the battle royale, including the ping bug affecting controller players and the Rampage exploit that retained Thermites.

After the Raiders Collection Event patch, Respawn noticed there were a few glitches that were getting used throughout different matches. As more people tried and succeeded in replicating the bugs, it led to competitive imbalances in the battle royale.

Apex’s console community was affected by a problem with pings that wouldn’t mark deathboxes or Loba’s Black Market.

It’s these kinds of issues that devs typically want to address as quickly as they can and the studio hopes the Apex 1.85 patch will go a long way in achieving that.

apex legends death box
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Deathboxes have been an issue for Apex Legends players on controller.

Apex Legends controller ping bug

After today, Apex Legends players on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch should be able to ping deathboxes and Loba’s ultimate like normal.

Player complaints indicated a growing frustration among squads who couldn’t efficiently help each other loot up or mark an object of interest due to the bug.

Respawn are going to see if this patch will fix all the issues pertaining to controller pings and will adjust as necessary.

apex legends sentinel
Respawn Entertainment
The Sentinel is back in Respawn’s crosshair for the Apex Legends 1.85 update patch notes.

Rampage, Sentinels exploit fix

After addressing the “infinite charge” bug on the Sentinel and Rampage, Respawn are putting those weapons back under the microscope to iron out a new exploit.

To charge up these weapons, you need to give up a Shield Cell or Thermite for the Sentinel and Rampage, respectively. But some people were getting away with charging their weapons without expending an item.

That should now be a problem of the past with the Apex 1.85 patch directly taking aim to snuff out the exploit.

The December 16 patch wasn’t an extensive overhaul to Apex Legends but did bring some fixes desperately needed in the battle royale. Take a full look at the small update patch notes below.

Apex Legends 1.85 update patch notes

  • A variety of client and server errors
  • Custom reticle colors resetting in some instances
  • Controller players being unable to ping in deathboxes or Loba’s Black Market
  • An exploit to retain cells/thermite used while charging the Rampage or Sentinel
  • An issue with the Wave Shift Wraith skin

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