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Apex Legends update 1.59 patch notes: Fix for broken skins

Published: 23/Feb/2021 10:28

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends rolled out a small update, version 1.59, on February 22, fixing some of the broken skin textures for characters, as well as some other stability fixes.

Since Season 8 dropped, players have been experiencing a number of frustrating issues in Apex Legends, none more so than the dreaded ‘infinite loading screen’ which prevents players from logging in.

The only workaround for this at the moment seems to be totally resetting your system, which is far from ideal. Unfortunately, this latest patch, 1.59, doesn’t fix this issue yet, but the developers are still investigating the problem.

Shortly after the 1.59 update, Respawn confirmed they would also be extending the Anniversary Collection event, originally due to end on February 23. It will now run until March 2.


Missing skin textures fixed

The main purpose of the 1.59 update in Apex Legends was to fix the broken skins players had been seeing in first-person view. This bug was affecting skins with Bloodhound, Loba, Lifeline and more.

Although the skins looked perfectly normal to everyone else, in first person, the hands of the character appeared as just plain grey.

Missing skins in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
This is certainly not how the skins were meant to look.

Other than this, there wasn’t much else to get excited about in this update. Respawn say the only other improvements were some “stability fixes.”

Apex Legends 1.59 update patch notes

  • Fixed several character skins with grey, untextured hand models on consoles
  • Several stability fixes.

The developers noted that they were still investigating login bugs. Other bugs being investigated, as per their Trello board, include missing red dots, an increase in slow-mo servers and even a rare bug where players lose all their cosmetics.


There’s also been an increase in players reporting an issue that prevents them from being able to loot deathboxes.

We’ll keep you up to date with fixes for these issues, which should be coming in a future update.