Apex Legends unready bug: Players unable start matches due to ‘party not ready’ glitch

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Many Apex Legends players, especially those trying to crossplay with friends have been hit by the unready bug, which has once again reared its head.

Apex Legends’ “Party Not Ready” bug is nothing new to longtime players. It’s cropped up more than once since the game’s launch, preventing players from joining a match because the party wasn’t ready.

This error would occur despite every member in the lobby being readied up. Worse still, it even affected those who jumped in for solo play.

Temporary workarounds and seemingly permanent fixes addressed the frustrating issue. But crossplay users recently found themselves backed into a wall by the error yet again.

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The unready bug in Apex Legends returns

On March 1, 2023, several Apex users reported that they’d encountered the unready bug when trying to play with friends.

A few Twitter users specifically experienced trouble with the battle royale’s PC and Xbox versions, though it’s possible players on PS4 and PS5 consoles were similarly affected.

Responses to all three of the above posts mentioned the issue seemed widespread, particularly for those using Apex Legends’ crossplay functionality.

It’s worth noting that several hours have gone by since someone last reported the error, suggesting Respawn may have quietly solved the problem.

Apparently, there exists no specified answer as to what causes the unready bug to dip in and out of Apex Legends.

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In the past, players worked around the issue by rebooting their WIFI/router while in-game after receiving the error message. Reconnecting to Apex afterward helped address the bug. Presumably, this method would still work but here’s to hoping not too many people feel the need to rely on it.