Apex Legends underused SMG will be a “monster” after buffs in new update

Octane Apex Legends ProwlerRespawn Entertainment

The Prowler SMG is receiving a minor damage buff with the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event, but players are convinced it’s going to transform the gun into a “monster”.

When it comes to guns in Apex Legends, the R-301, R99, and Flatline seem to be the most popular options for the majority of players.

They all provide lethal damage output and as they’re full auto, they’re slightly more forgiving if you happen to miss a few shots.

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One weapon that often gets overlooked is the Prowler, an SMG that fires in bursts and melts enemy health bars, but does require pinpoint accuracy.

Well, to push players to use it more, Respawn has decided to buff its damage in the Spellbound Collection Event, and fans of the Prowler are convinced it’s going to be a “monster” following the update.

Prowler Burst Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Prowler fires 5-bullet bursts,

Prowler buff coming in Apex Legends Spellbound update

The Prowler will be receiving a buff with the Spellbound Collection Event arriving on January 10. The SMG’s damage is going to be increased from 14 to 15.

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While this does seem minor at a glance, the Prowler shoots in bursts of five bullets, so each trigger pull now does 75 damage instead of 70.

As showcased by Apex YouTuber Bobz, this means that anyone using red EVO armor can now be downed with three bursts to the body.

This is significant as it makes the Prowler more viable in the late game and rewards anyone whose willing to completely master its recoil pattern.

In the comments, a lot of Prowler fans are convinced that this will make the SMG a “monster” and that the gun didn’t need a buff.

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According to them, the gun was already “super underrated” and this change will just make it “even more ridiculous”.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Prowler becomes more prominent in the ALGS following this buff, or whether it remains a fairly underused weapon.