Apex Legends “UI images ran out of room” error: is there a fix?

UI Ran Out of Room Error Apex LegendsRespawn

Apex Legends players continue to struggle with a game-crashing error message reading “UI images ran out of room”. Unfortunately there are no known causes or an obvious fix.

Bugs and glitches have always existed in video games, with Apex Legends no different. Despite approaching its sixteenth season of post-launch content, Respawn have never quite managed to make their BR the glitch-free utopia every player craves. 

From issues surrounding crafting to obnoxious Steam crashes, there always seems to be one or two problems for players to navigate. 

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Now, a bug is causing players’ games to crash and appears to be occurring more frequently as Season 15 ages.

Apex Legends “UI ran out of room” error 

UPDATE: On January 19, 2023, Respawn Entertainment rolled out an update that removed Olympus from the map rotation and replaced it with World’s Edge. Respawn’s official Twitter account explained that replacing Olympus “will allow us to continue to work on the issue without impacting gameplay.”

Unfortunately, it’s unclear when exactly Olympus will return to the rotation—if at all. For now, Apex Legends fans will just have to wait for more clarification from Respawn surrounding the change.

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The original article is as follows:

The specific bug in question relates to a “UI ran out of room” issue. The error message appears after a game has crashed and no further context is given.

As of the time of writing (January 18, 2023), it only appears to affect players on PC. There are no reports from PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or mobile players.

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The bug itself does not appear prior to crashing players’ games, only displaying once the match has malfunctioned. Players experiencing the issue are booted out of Apex Legends and returned to their PC desktop. 

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Is there a fix for Apex Legends “UI ran out of room” error? 

Despite the issue being known in the Apex community for some time now, there is still no known cause or fix.

The nature of the message has led some to speculate that it affects users who do not have enough resources to spare on their PC, specifically regarding CPU, GPU, and RAM. 

An EA respondent in October 2022 also said they were not sure of a fix and that the bug was largely unfamiliar to them. On January 18, 2023, Respawn publicly acknowledged the issue for the first time.

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They said: “The Apex team is currently working through an issue where players are encountering a pop-up reading “Engine Error – UI Images Ran Out of Room”. We’re hopeful that we’ll have some sort of resolution for this in the morning and will check back in here with more info then.”

For now, players should try and make sure their PC is running as smoothly as possible, with plenty of storage space available.

Restarting PCs has been reported as a temporary fix, even if the error message displays at random again further down the line.

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We will be sure to update this article if and when a fix becomes clearer. 

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