Apex Legends Twitch streamer rages and bans player after in-game death

Apex Legends streamer Otto ‘ottr’ Boström has come under fire for raging and banning a player from his Twitch chat after dying to them in-game.

Gaming can be frustrating at times. Encountering game-breaking bugs, or even cheaters, is enough to make players lose their temper. But nothing can be more irritating than being simply outclassed by somebody else.

Some take their anger out on their gaming setup, breaking thousands of dollars worth of equipment while doing so.

Others, such as Swedish creator Ottr, use their words to let out their frustrations, which is exactly what happened in a recent live stream when the 25-year-old raged after being gunned down.

Streamer rages at Apex Legends player

During his August 11 live stream, the Apex fan went off on a rant after running into a team and dying to them. Ottr claimed he heard no audio whatsoever, before hitting out at the “team of virgins” that killed him.

“Look at these people, never seen a woman, or man, in their entire life,” he said. “They live in their mom’s basement, what the f**k? Jesus Christ, that’s some absolute virgin behavior.

“Absolute losers,” Ottr added. “They have the f**king audacity to shoot around as well like they own the place, Jesus Christ. Again, these types of people disgust me. That’s another reason, like I’m annoyed dying to it, but it disgusts me.”

He continued: “They stuff their face with chips and McDonald’s, have grease all over the keyboard and their mouth. They weigh like 500 f**king lbs, just f**king you know never working out, never going to the gym, not brushing their teeth. Constantly on TikTok, probably p*rn on the second monitor, just Loba wiggling her a** or something.”

The player that killed Ottr proceeded to head to his Twitch channel, where he was streaming at the time. However, they were quickly banned from the chat after noting how the Swedish creator insulted them for five minutes.

Players respond

Upon sharing the experience with Reddit, the Apex community began criticizing Ottr’s behavior.

“Otter is the embodiment of TTVer memes. Toxic, annoying, and way too overconfident,” said one.

Another claimed he was “trash” for reacting in this way.

“He has nothing positive to add to the community. His content is sh*t. Multiple cheater accusations with decent footage. Literally, every other pro and content creator dislikes him. Absolutely washed kid riding a wave from 3 years ago. Should be canceled.”