Apex Legends Twitch drops finally fixed after they disappeared forever

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Respawn has finally rolled out a fix for the bug that was causing players’ Twitch drops to disappear in Apex Legends.

Cosmetics are a huge part of Apex Legends and while the majority of them can be crafted or bought from the store, there are a select few that have to be claimed in other ways.

One of which is through Twitch, who offer exclusive rewards for Prime members that usually include, load screens, skins, banners, and gun charms.

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Although these drops are incredible, a lot of Apex players were experiencing a frustrating bug that caused their previous Twitch rewards to disappear after they claimed a new one.

Luckily, Respawn has finally announced a fix for the issue and it’s certainly appreciated by the community.

Twitch drops Ash ApexRespawn Entertainment
Apex players noticed their Twitch drops were disappearing when they claimed new ones.

Respawn finally confirm fix for disappearing Twitch drops bug

After months of persistent issues with Twitch drops and various rewards disappearing from players’ accounts, Respawn has finally fixed the problem.

Taking to Twitter, the developer revealed that they’d “pushed a fix to restore Twitch Drops to affected accounts… any drops you have previously claimed should now be available again.”

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This is great news for a lot of the community who assumed these cosmetics and collectibles were going to be lost forever.

Although this took the devs a long time to solve, they did thanks players for their “patience” on the issue, so it clearly wasn’t a simple fix.

Let’s hope this never happens again and if you were holding off on claiming your drops, you can rest assured they will no longer disappear from your account.

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