Apex Legends trio smash squad kill world record – June 2019

Matt Porter
Respawn Entertainment

The world record for most kills by a trio in popular battle royale game Apex Legends appears to have been demolished by a margin of three kills.

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Apex Legends burst onto the scene back in February, becoming an immediate hit with battle royale players eager for a new challenge in the immensely popular genre. Alongside aiming to be named Apex Champions in their own matches, some players have gone in search of kill records, setting incredible elimination numbers in search of glory.

The previous record of 50 was a remarkable feat, seeing as Apex Legends matches are capped at 60 players due to the game only allowing teams of three.

Of course, Apex Legend’s respawn ability means that players often end up killing a player, only for them to be revived by a teammate and brought back into the match. While this can be annoying for players who are searching solely for the win, it’s perfect for those trying to get high kill games, because if you manage to take them down again, you’ll be awarded a second kill, and boost your stats.

Respawn Entertainment
The trios vs. squads world record has been smashed.[ad name=”article2″]

OGxSlum, ImGobbleSauce, and Maseoon have taken the game to a whole new level though, dominating their way through a lobby to break the record with an unbelievable 53 kills.

ImGobbleSauce, who makes up one third of the triumphant trio, has uploaded a video to YouTube which shows their incredible run from his perspective, although there are currently no videos available for any of the other players.

The trio split up quickly after drop, attempting to find kills themselves to maximise their coverage across the map, consistently finding themselves in 1v3 scenarios.

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What makes their accomplishment even more impressive is the fact that OGxSlums is eliminated with just seven kills early in the contest, with ImGobbleSauce and Maseoon finding 24 and 20 kills respectively to secure the new record.

The gameplay appears to take place on an Xbox console based on the controller prompts which can be spotted on the screen throughout the video, but their successful 53-kill match puts them head-and-shoulders above any trio, regardless of platform.

Prism Esports, the team the players represent, stated they were “thrilled” to announce the accomplishment, while ImGobbleSauce wrote that he was “very proud” to have set the record.

To the best of our knowledge, this gameplay sends the trio straight to the top of the Apex Legends World Records, and secures their spot as the players with the most kills in a single Apex Legends match. This gameplay is from June 7, so took place some time ago, but we’ve been unable to find a gameplay which betters it.

You can view the other incredible players and their scores in our Apex Legends world records hub.

If you or someone you know thinks they’ve done better, submit your world record to us, preferably with video evidence, and we’ll review it!