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Apex Legends Trident concept would give special ability to legends

Published: 19/Jan/2021 11:27

by Jacob Hale


A new Trident concept would grant special abilities to all characters in Apex Legends while driving them, and it looks like a great way to shake up the game and how Tridents can be used, too.

Tridents were introduced in Season 7, offering players faster mobility across the latest map, Olympus, similar to the existence of vehicles that are commonplace in other battle royale titles.

One of the main problems with the Trident, though, is that it can leave you fairly exposed when driving them around, especially if you’ve got your whole trio on one.

For that reason, one player came up with a genius concept that would allow each Legend to make use of their abilities while driving one — and it would definitely offer something new and exciting to Olympus.


Apex Legends trident olympus
Respawn Entertainment
The Trident makes traversing Olympus much easier.

Designed by Aason37, every Legend would benefit from these Trident ability ideas.

While some abilities seem more helpful than others, and Aason themselves say that some of them “may be a little too much,” it’s definitely worth looking at and seeing what could be possible.

These are the abilities Aason has come up with:

  • Crypto:
    • Crypto can activate an automatic tracking drone, following the Trident, scanning the enemies on the go.
    • Crypto can remotely pilot the Trident with his drone inside, within a 200m radius. Perfect for tricking enemies.
  • Mirage:
    • While in the Trident, Mirage can activate a decoy using his tactical, mimicking the Trident.
  • Wraith:
    • Tridents can now go through Wraith’s portals
  • Loba:
    • Loba can put her Black Market on the Trident. Perfect if the first location was disappointing, or to keep stacking ammo on the go, or to quickly steal stuff in a risky area.
  • Wattson:
    • Wattson can put her fences on the Trident. It can be used to “melee attack” enemies.
  • Pathfinder:
    • While in the Trident, Pathfinder can use his grapple to take a sharp cut or to gain some height.
  • Revenant:
    • Revenant can now place his Death Totem on Tridents.
  • Octane:
    • Passive: Octane drives the Trident 20% faster.

A nice Trident update idea from r/apexlegends

Now, while it might not be likely that Respawn take all of these ideas on, it can definitely give them something to think about.

Some of these sound especially fun, too. Juking enemies as Pathfinder in a Trident, making quick getaways through a Wraith portal and getting around even quicker as Octane definitely all sound like something that would be fun to at least try out.


Whether this is something the Apex devs would consider doing remains to be seen, but you never know.

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