Apex Legends trick with Gravity Cannons gives Pathfinder huge speed boost

James Busby
Pathfinder using his Grappling Hook in Storm Point
Respawn Entertainment

A Pathfinder Grappling Hook trick is giving the modified MRVN unit even more mobility on Apex Legends’ Storm Point map. 

Pathfinder has always been a fan-favorite in Apex Legends thanks to his Grappling Hook, which enables players to quickly reposition and aggressively rush down enemies. However, a new Pathfinder trick is giving the Recon Legend even more mobility. 

Being able to get the drop on opposing squads or escape unwanted firefights has always been incredibly important in Respawn’s battle royale. After all, maintaining both speed and momentum can be a surefire way to increase your survivability. 

This makes Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook extremely useful, especially for those that wish to increase their kills on Storm Point. If you’re a Pathfinder main who’s looking to level up their gameplay, then you’ll want to use this speed-enhancing strat. 

Apex Legends Pathfinder trick gives Legend even more mobility

Pathfinder using his Grappling Hook
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook is greatly enhanced when using this trick.

From techniques that give players perfect accuracy to game-changing super grapples, Pathfinder mains are always finding ways to enhance his lethality. While some of these strategies can be hard to pull off, they’re almost always worth learning. 

However, this new Grappling Hook trick is giving Pathfinder huge movement speed boosts on Storm Point. Apex Legends YouTuber, Skeptation, recently uploaded a video that detailed how Pathfinder can use the map’s Gravity Cannons to his advantage. 

In order to trigger this super speed buff, Pathfinder enters any Gravity Cannon. After exiting the cannon, simply grapple to a nearby object and hold down the crouch button. If done correctly, you’ll get a massive boost to your speed. 

While this technique is rather situational, it can give you the perfect disengage tool needed to make a quick escape. Consider giving this trick a go next time you drop into Storm Point and use it to style on your foes.