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Clever Apex Legends trick helps outplay ‘broken’ melee punches

Published: 18/Jul/2021 1:35

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community has been surprised lately at how efficient melee hits can be at disrupting fights, but a slick trick can outplay those punches and swing momentum in your favor.

There have been numerous clips showing melee punches sending players flying, with people knocked off the face of the map in some cases. While this is generally more prevalent in the early game, it still has some players wanting a change.

Apex Legends Producer Josh Medina acknowledged that some instances can get pretty wild, and was going to see if anyone at the studio was looking into it.


Until we get word of any possible balance changes, players have taken matters into their own hands so they can at least stand a chance against melee hits.

Quick Tip: If you’re about to get melee’d off drop just hold crouch so the knock back lets you slide away. from apexuniversity

That’s when Reddit user ‘LGHTWRKK’ noticed that, while you can’t avoid getting sent back from a punch, you can mitigate the risk of getting blasted away by simply crouching.

The biggest threat from melee hits is flying off from whatever platform you’re on that will either lead to a cheap death or getting flung from precious loot, leaving you defenseless.

Luckily, if someone is trying to punch you out, just hold the crouch button to turn that knock back momentum into a power slide.


Respawn Entertainment
Crouching while getting hit will just send you into a huge slide and avoid getting launched.

As seen in the clip, it’s really helpful if you have a weapon while sliding to turn the tables on your foe. But, even if you don’t, at least this way you won’t be sent flying.

There’s been plenty of calls for Respawn to nerf melee hits and it looks like the studio is open to finding solutions for that.

But until then, players have at least one tool to protect themselves from Apex Legends’ melee punches, which can be really costly at times.