Apex Legends trick lets you punch-boost in Season 12, but there’s a twist

. 5 months ago
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A simple trick in Apex Legends lets players punch-boost in the battle royale after the Season 12 update but the mechanic has slightly changed.

At the start of the Apex Legends: Defiance season, Respawn Entertainment targeted the punch-boost maneuver in its list of bug fixes for the game. This largely removed the trick, which was starting to pick up steam in the community.

To the dismay of many players, it seemed like punch-boosting was a thing of the past in Apex. But, apparently, there’s a way to still get the tech off, even though it might not have the exact same effect as in Season 11.

Apex Legends YouTuber ‘MokeySniper’ showed how people can still get a quick burst of speed by punching the floor but with extra variables to account for.

Punch-boost in Apex Legends Season 12

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Respawn Entertainment
The Apex Legends Season 12 patch addressed punch-boosting with a bug fix.

Apex Legends players can still punch-boost by jumping, crouching in mid-air, then melee an object or slope before landing.

MokeySniper found that the technique still gives off a slight burst of speed which players could use to bail from a bad situation or reposition in a fight. While it looks like a simple slide, Mokey says there’s more of a technique than that.

“Without a sprint start, landing in a crouch will not give you a slide,” they explained. “I also show that you can do it from a box on flat ground and the one off the wall at Estates is a much bigger slide boost than just landing on a slide.”

In the past, all players needed to do was crouch then punch the floor to propel themselves in the opposite direction. Now, it’s not as simple.

Before, players could trigger a punch-boost just about anywhere. But the Season 12 update has reduced the trick to certain applications with limited effect compared to its original form.

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