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Apex Legends trick helps you land the perfect skynade every time

Published: 5/Jul/2021 23:53

by Alan Bernal


There’s a trick in Apex Legends to throwing the perfect grenade and making sure it lands at its target – luckily there’s a consistent, albeit tricky, way of landing them every time.

Hitting the perfect grenade from long-distance takes a ton of practice and ample amounts of misses before getting a feel for the distance. Different ‘nades have different learning curves to master.

Arc Stars don’t travel the same way as normal Frag Grenades, and the formula for throwing a good grenade gets turned on its head when playing as Fuse.

That’s why Apex players were thrilled to see a simple trick by Reddit user ‘alanarmando103’ that basically lines up the UI with a foolproof way of landing skynades.


Looks like 55 meters is perfect reference for skynading. See more in the comments. from apexuniversity

If a target is around 53 to 57 meters away from where you pinged them, simply line up the throwing trajectory with the marker and fire away.

The Redditor found that at FOVs 80 to 100, you can line up the grenade’s toss with the diamond marker and it should land at your target with some consistency.

This is simply using a reference that the game gives you to chuck the nade closer to where you want it to pop.

While the technique might be a little niche for in-game application, the Redditor says it could be a valuable way of perfecting your tosses.


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A trick in Apex Legends lets players achieve Fuse-like accuracy with grenades.

“Also, this is just a reference,” alanarmando103 said. “My intention is with time and practice be able to guesstimate the distance more quick and accurately without the need to ping the target.”

People could get punished for using the technique in the battle royale, but it could come in handy in the more focused action in Arenas.

With enough time and practice, this could be a great way to work on your throws to slowly perfect on-the-fly skynades.