Apex Legends

Apex Legends trick allows for infinite distance on Pathfinder Ziplines

by Joe O'Brien
Respawn Entertainment


An Apex Legends trick allows Pathfinder players to fire their ultimate ability, Zipline, for a much greater distance than normal.


Though Pathfinder was revealed to have one of the largest hitboxes in the game, he’s remained popular both for the utility he provides and the amusing quips of the character himself.

Pathfinder is already one of the most mobile Legends in the game, but Apex Legends players have discovered a useful trick allows them to extend the range on his zipline almost indefinitely.

Pathfinder is perhaps Apex Legends' most mobile character.


In order to extend the range of the zipline, Pathfinder players must first aim it at a surface within range. 

After doing so, they can move backwards and the projection of the zipline’s path will remain linked so long as they don’t move their mouse, as current solo kill world record-holder Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Håkansson demonstrates.


The requirement of running backwards away from the point you wish to fire to does put some limitations on the trick – it can’t be used to reach points that you haven’t yet been within range of, for instance.

That being said, the ability to place an extremely long zipline could very well come in handy, allowing teams to rotate even faster around the map or enabling Pathfinder players to scout ahead alone and create a quick path for his team across great distances, for instance.

Considering that Pathfinder’s ultimate only takes 90 seconds to charge, this trick only adds to the massive area that players can cover in very little time, especially if they have some Ultimate Accelerants to hand.