Apex Legends TikTok shows how to use select fire on Prowler & Havoc

mirage with apex legends weapon the prowlerRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment appears to have let a genius trick fly under the radar in Apex Legends Season 10, as a viral TikTok clip shows how players can still use select fire on both the Prowler and Havoc. 

Members of the game’s community have been trying out all of the new content since S10 launched, from its Legend Seer to the new Hop-Up, the Boosted Loader.

In terms of the weaapon pool, some players have been wanting to see the return of the single-fire Havoc for quite some time, and on August 2 a trick did emerge that allowed you to do that.

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Now, a solid month into the season, a similar technique has been found for the Prowler, enabling select fire.

Prowler in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
The Prowler is a very effective close-range weapon in Apex Legends.

The Apex Legends community is always growing on social media, and on TikTok especially people have been sharing their top tips and tricks.

Some have gone viral, too, and this easy trick is no exception. Posted by user RossBobSquirrel, a video that’s racked up almost one million views walks you through the process.

How to get select fire for the Prowler & Havoc

  1. Drop into Apex Legends.
  2. Pick up a Havoc or Prowler from floor loot or in a loot bin.
  3. Locate the nearest Care Package.
  4. Take a Triple Take from a Care Package, and drop the weapon you want to become select fire.
  5. Turn off the Triple Take’s choke.
  6. Turn on the Triple Take choke as you’re rotating it for the Havoc or Prowler on the ground.
  7. Pick up your gun and, if timed correctly, it will now have select fire.

If the TikTok doesn’t load below, click here.

Apex Legends tip

One last thing to note about this trick is that it gives the Prowler full auto, and the Havoc single-fire. The effect of the strategy will reverse itself, however, if you equip attachments found in ground loot or in loot bins.

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Basically, the workaround for that – according to the TikToker – is to have the desired attachments already in your inventory to equip them after it’s done.