Apex Legends TikTok shows how to pull off “hardest” Pathfinder grapple

Alan Bernal
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There’s a few different ways to get the most out of Pathfinder’s mobility and a viral TikTok shows how to master the “hardest” one to pull off: the underhand grapple.

Even with all of the nerfs to his kit, Pathfinder is still a popular pick for Apex Legends players for all the maneuverability that the Forward Scout can provide. From giving entire squads instant rotation with his ult to finessing opponents in 1v1s, Pathy can be really useful.

No tool in his kit is more useful than the Grapple Hook, since there are techniques you can pull off that will give you massive distance or complete control over a fight.

TikToker ‘charliegoodtimess’ gave his audience a look at how to pull off one of the “hardest” grapples to consistently hit, which can help you dominate as Pathfinder.

“This is the hardest grapple to hit consistently,” he explained. “You see this blue reticle? Look at the top of an object. As soon as it’s not blue anymore that is our cue to go ahead and grab it. As soon as the grapple hits, you jump.”

In application, this technique can give someone instant air and, if they want to loop around, a quick way to flank a nearby opponent.

pathfinder apex legends grapple hook
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Pathfinder’s grapple has myriad uses in Apex Legends, for both offense and defense.

As you can see, pulling off the jump gives a ton of options to pursue depending on the scenario players find themselves in, but Charlie advises you put in a good amount of practice before pulling it out on stream or in Ranked.

For Pathfinders who are fighting on the ground or in need of a quick escape, this tool can give you the distance and mobility you’ll need to make a sick outplay or ditch a bad situation.

There’s plenty of other Pathfinder grapples to learn in Apex Legends, and getting familiar with as many as possible can help players unlock the Legend’s full potential.