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Apex Legends System Override leak claims huge buffs & nerfs coming soon

Published: 2/Mar/2020 16:41

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends leaker ILootGames has hinted at some pretty big character changes coming in the March 3rd update, ahead of the System Override event, with both buffs and nerfs in-store. 

With Apex Legends season four in full flow, players of Respawn Entertainment’s uber-popular battle royale are gearing up for the next round of content. That is set to come in the form of the System Override event, which is going to add an Heirloom for Octane, as well as some new skins for the other legends. 

As ever, once the event goes live on March 3rd, the new cosmetics won’t be the only changes that players can expect. In fact, there will a new game mode in the form of Deja Loot, and even a brand-new shield type. Yet, some legends themselves could also be in for some changes.


Respawn Entertainment
The System Override event will focus on giving Octane a long-awaited Heirloom.

In a video from March 2nd, dataminer ILootGames revealed the possibility of some character tweaks – with the noticeable coming to the recon types of Crypto and Bloodhound. In this update, the leaker noted that they should be able to use the survey beacons that have, to this point, been exclusive to Pathfinder.

In addition to that, ILootGames also claimed that Gibraltar was set for a nerf. Yes, finally, a change for Gibraltar. 

However, the dataminer wasn’t able to nail down what that change would be – speculating that it could be to do with either his Gun Shield or the faster revives while inside the Dome of Protection.


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Of course, it is difficult to say what exactly the changes to Gibraltar will be considering that the leaker couldn’t get them nailed down. Though, a change to the Gun Shield is something many fans have been clamoring for in the past.

As for what else will change, including a possible addition to Pathfinder seeing as his exclusive ability is being opened up, we’ll just have to wait and see what the developers have in-store for us.