Apex Legends

Apex Legends supply ship bug makes players invincible

by Joe O'Brien


There appears to be a bug with the Apex Legends supply ships that offers invincibility to players in a particular location.


At the start of each game, a supply ship flies onto the island, travelling to a particular location before coming to a stop. In some cases, another supply ship might also appear later in the game.

These supply ships are guaranteed to hold some high-tier loot, which makes them a popular target for hot drops at the beginning of a match. It’s unlikely you’ll ever find one uncontested if you choose to land there immediately.

The supply ships are a particularly dangerous location not only because of their contested nature, but also because cover is relatively limited, and escaping might often mean dropping off early and becoming separated from your squad.


Dropping on a supply ship is a sure way to start your game with a fight.

There is, however, one location on the supply ship that offers safety. It appears that underneath the supply ship’s massive cannon there is an invisible barrier of some kind, behind which players can tuck themselves to act as a “safe spot” despite no visible cover.

The Loot Ship needs some work. from r/apexlegends


While the spot may not offer players a complete escape, it could well be used in the middle of a hectic fight to heal up, or cause the enemy to waste much of their ammo, thereby giving you a greater chance of victory.

Given that this is clearly unintentional it will likely be patched at some point in the future by Respawn Entertainment, but in the mean time it’s worth keeping in mind if only so you know not to waste your ammo if you see someone sitting there.