Apex Legends superfan’s cat gets new home in real-life Supply Box

apex legends supply box catMHD_JAPAN / EA

An Apex Legends superfan recently showcased a Supply Box they built that doubles as a home for their cat.

Akin to every other online shooter, the supply crates in Apex Legends are strewn across maps and filled with must-have items.

Typically, the orange and white boxes house various weapons, weapon attachments, medkits, armor, and ammunition.

The containers often receive love outside of Respawn Entertainment’s digital world, too. For instance, EA has sold diecast replicas of the supply box as a collector’s item.

Interestingly, someone managed to find yet another use for the usually oversized bins in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends fan creates Supply Box for their furry friend

A user named MHD_JAPAN recently uploaded a video to Reddit that shows off their Apex Legends-inspired supply bin creation.

The box appears to be predominantly made of cardboard; however, it serves as so much more than a decorative piece.

At the start of the short video, the Redditor opens the supply box to reveal an orange cat comfortably resting inside.

The lucky feline even has a bed tucked inside the crate for optimal relaxation. A certain someone probably believes Apex Legends’ supply box works best as a makeshift resting spot.

Though MHD_JAPAN shared the video today, September 23, the post is already making a splash on Reddit. It’s received more than 7,000 updates at the time of writing.

While some users have dubbed it a “cute” creation, others like ‘SnappyMango’ joke that MHD_JAPAN has unlocked “Legendary Loot.”

Given the popularity of the above post, perhaps it would be smart for EA and Respawn to corner the market on supply box-shaped pet crates.