Apex Legends streamer slams “stupid” chat after berating his wife again on Twitch

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A Twitch streamer brushed off “stupid” viewers after they called him out for raging at his wife live on stream, screaming about the way she was playing Apex Legends.

The streamer, who goes by the name of officialglockoma, can be seen regularly streaming alongside his significant other. He has under 1,000 followers on Twitch and the couple grinds competitive game modes on a regular basis.

After getting beat in a game of Apex Legends, the broadcaster turned his attention to his teammate and real-life partner.

Seconds later, it got pretty heated.

Twitch streamer blasted after raging at wife

“What were you doing outside?” he yelled. “Were you looting? It doesn’t take that long! So, you were looting?!

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“There’s enemies inside that they were fighting. Why were you allowing them to loot? You keep doing this sh*t over and over. You keep allowing people to loot… I don’t get it!”

As she tried to explain what happened, he butted in again: “Why are you sitting there thinking that?”

The clip has racked up over 85,000 views at the time of writing, with many viewers condemning the reaction from officialglockoma.

This isn’t the first time it has happened, either. Back in May, the very same streamer made headlines after berating his wife on a livestream. He said: “This is part of why women have such trouble in games. Your mentality is based on emotions.”

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Apex Legends streamer calls Twitch chat “stupid”

In a second clip, reacting to Twitch viewers in the chat questioning his outburst, he doubled down on the actions.

“I treat my wife amazingly, thank you very much,” he said, laughing off any criticism.

“You wanna know more about my wife and the country she is from? And how she knows how women are actually treated, compared to the free world of Western society? Why don’t you go to her channel and f**king ask her. You all need a big reality check, man.”

A comment in chat read: “So you have the right to treat her like that cause of where she’s from??? wtf are you saying?”

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Another added: “Oh yeah you’re an actual gent in comparison to Indian standards, you only raise your voice! and degrade her! such a gent!”

According to his channel bio, the Twitch streamer and his wife have been together for six years. It says: “We have been together for six years, married for three and going. Watch us climb the ranks in your favorite games while we rage and kiss in the same match.”