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Apex Legends streamer shows how to completely outplay “banner campers”

Published: 10/Mar/2020 22:44

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends streamer ‘BulletLL’ showed a brilliant way to get around “banner campers” by using Wraith’s portals to bait and displace his opponents.

BulletLL was in a precarious situation since he had to collect both of his teammates’ banners that were being heavily guarded by the last remaining team on the map.

As a lone Wraith, the streamer thought to use his portal in a unique way to bamboozle the enemy team who were confident in their chances of winning a 1v3.

Respawn Entertainment
Creative uses for Wraith’s portals can yield major rewards.

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“They’re just f***ing waiting,” his teammate can be heard saying. “Like at the end of the [platform] with three L-Stars.”


As the teammate described the obstacles that lay before him, the cool-headed streamer took the challenge in stride. Not breaking his composure and reassuring his team that “it’s alright. We win these.”

They climbed up the balloon but before launching from the apex of the zipline, they jumped off right before the top. Once mid-air, they activated their ultimate, leaving one entrance to the Dimensional Rift suspended high above the ground.

How to outplay the "banner campers" from apexlegends

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He quickly made his way to his fallen teammates’ death boxes and put down the other side of the ult and immediately ran back through it.


The other team immediately followed into the portal, but that’s exactly what BulletLL was hoping for.

After coming out of the other end, the streamer took a zipline to launch himself to the boxes. Meanwhile, all three banner campers went on the chase but weren’t aware that they were about to plunge from a high drop.

BulletLL via Reddit
The strat left a portal in mid-air and made an entire team drop to the ground while the streamer collected his teammate’s banner.

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In Apex, there isn’t any fall damage, but the tactic managed to give BulletLL the window they needed to recover their teammates’ banner. The play was a creative way to use Wraith’s Ultimate ability, which came to a surprise to others who didn’t know it could be placed like that.


“Didn’t even know her Rift can be placed like that in mid air!” Reddit user ‘Chiefixis’ said. “This is definitely going to help me out with some strats when playing [Wraith].”

The streamer’s outplay was an incredible example of how Apex Legends rewards creative maneuvers that could be game-changing depending on the situation.