Apex Legends streamer Mande tributes Dr Disrespect with must-see snipes and dance moves

mande becomes dr disrespect in apex legendsRespawn/DrDisrespect/Mande

Apex Legends streamer ‘Mande’ channeled his inner Dr Disrespect during a recent Twitch stream where he hit snipes that would even make the two-time blush.

Dr Disrespect is well-known for his gaming skills, but if there’s one area he really shines, it’s when there’s a sniper rifle in his hands.

Throughout his streaming career, Dr Disrespect has had many highlights with a sniper in a variety of games from Call of Duty Warzone, PUBG, and other premium FPS titles.

With such a storied history of elite sniping skills, Mande summoned his own violence, speed, and momentum during an Apex Legends match where he was able to completely decimate his opponents.

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Mande uses inner Dr Disrespect for ridiculous Apex Legends snipes

During a broadcast on Twitch, Mande was armed with a sniper rifle and was in a perfect position to secure frags on foes.

After lining up some shots, the streamer repeated Doc’s signature catchphrase, albeit out of order, with each snipe he was able to land.

“Speed,” he began erroneously once he landed a shot. “Violence, momentum,” he continued after hitting back-to-back snipes.

As the ring began closing and it looked like a single foe would be able to escape his ongoing rampage, Mange lined up the perfect final shot – a snipe that the two-time would undoubtedly appreciate.

Following the ridiculous kill, Mande stood up and began dancing, once more channeling his inner Doc and bringing the banned streamer back to Twitch in his own way.

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While Dr Disrespect has yet to comment on the play, there’s little doubt he’d applaud the tribute.