Apex Legends streamer makes history with 200k kills on one Legend

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Apex Legends streamer ‘abusing_r2’ has become the first player ever to reach 200,000 kills on a single Legend and he’s done it on Mirage.

Picking up kills on Apex Legends is a lot more difficult than other FPS titles given the game’s slower TTK, consumables, and various regenerative abilities.

So racking up over 1,000 kills on one Legend is a sign that you’ve put in a lot of practice on that character and are familiar with the intricacies of their kit.

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Well, one Apex streamer has taken it to another level in terms of mastery and dedication, becoming the first-ever player to reach 200,000 kills on a single Legend.

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Apex Legends Season 12 is expected to release in early February.

Apex Legends streamer hits 200,000 kills on Mirage

On January 12, Apex Legends streamer abusing_r2 became the first-ever player to reach 200,000 kills on one Legend.

Along their journey to reach the 200k goal, they managed to rack up over 47 million damage and a whopping 240,000 headshots.

The Mirage main finally reached the milestone after an unbelievable amount of grinding and even took to Twitter to thank their viewers for all the support.

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Of course, abusing_r2 didn’t miss the opportunity to stream the incredible achievement and share the moment with all of their viewers.

Finishing off the final opponent with a RE-45 on Storm Point, everyone in their chat quickly rushed to congratulate them on the massive milestone.

Luckily, abusing_r2 didn’t have to work too hard for the kill as someone they knew gifted them the 200,000th elimination so they could enjoy the moment.

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It’ll be interesting to see what abusing_r2 decides to do next and whether they decide to continue raising the bar and grinding more kills.

Either way, it doesn’t look like the Mirage main will be getting tired of the Holographic Trickster anytime soon, so it’s likely that 300k is only a matter of time.

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