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Apex Legends streamer finds another zero cooldown exploit for Wraith

Published: 2/Feb/2020 13:36

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends streamer bor0 has revealed a new glitch with Wraith that allows the legend to have no cooldown on her tactical ability so long as the player uses a zipline balloon.

With plenty of Apex Legends fans gearing up for the start of season four, Assimilation, they are still dropping into matches on the current World’s Edge map.

While many games run pretty smoothly, there have been a few bugs and issues rearing their heads. We’ve seen problems with just being able to get into games if you’re level 500, the map not loading, and even being unable to loot the death boxes of fallen foes. Yet, there’s a new, pretty big glitch, that has been discovered with Wraith and her Into the Void tactical ability.

EA/RespawnWraith is one of the most popular legends in Apex Legends.

The exploit was shown off by Apex Legends streamer bor0 during his February 1 stream, with the small broadcaster playing as the Interdimensional Skirmisher.

While playing by himself, the streamer told viewers that he was going to “try something” as he began traveling up one of the balloons with Wraith’s tactical fully charged. Just before he reached the top, bor0 quickly triggered the ability and started floating back to the safety of the ground.

As he reached the floor, and the ability finished off, he was greeted with another full charge. The streamer quickly proved that it wasn’t a one-hit-wonder either, heading up another balloon to repeat the process and getting the same outcome.

“It’s not as good as the other exploit but this one should be really toxic,” bor0 said after it worked again. “No cooldown.”

The previous exploit, which was later patched, allowed Wraith mains to constantly use the ability without the help of the ballon. Instead, interrupting it with a melee attack was all that was required.

Of course, having another major bug with Wraith isn’t ideal and is something that Respawn will have to address before Season 4 gets underway. As of now, it is unknown whether or not they are aware of it, but if they are, a quick fix could be in order.

Apex Legends

Every possible RP gain in Apex Legends ranked

Published: 29/Nov/2020 16:48

by Julian Young


Ranked play in Apex Legends allows players to test themselves against others of similar skill and claim special cosmetic items (and bragging rights). A helpful Reddit post breaks down exactly how many Ranked Points players will earn – or lose – based on rank, placement, and kills.

Almost all FPS games offer a separate ranked playlist for their players, and Apex Legends is no different. Since its release in Season 2, the game’s ranked mode has provided players with a way to test their skills against the best of the best.

Ranked Leagues separate players into seven skill brackets – ranging from Bronze to Apex Predator – based on their performance in two ranked splits. Each player’s current rank, match placement, and number of kills/assists determines the number of Ranked Points (RP) they will earn or lose every game.

With RP determined by several different factors, players can find it challenging to track how many points they are earning or losing each match. However, one player has come to the aid of anyone who gets confused.

Apex Legends Season 7 Ranked Rewards
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn provides players with new rewards to earn during each ranked series.

Apex Legends RP combos

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit helps to clear things up for anyone confused about their potential RP gains. The helpful graphic comes from user Ninjario, who breaks down how many points players can gain or lose based on all three contributing factors: current player rank, final match placement, and total kills/assists.

The graphic shows the exact combinations needed to go positive in each match and what will cause players to lose RP for every skill bracket.

This provides players with an easy understanding of what performance to strive for in ranked: for example, Predator and Master players can easily see that a 6th place finish with three kills or assists is the absolute minimum needed for an RP gain (+6) in their skill bracket.

A quick overview of how many RP you gain with every Kill/Placement/Rank combination from apexlegends

Ranked Leagues in Season 7

With the release of Season 7, a new ranked series also kicked off in Apex Legends. Starting on November 4, players will compete in ranked on the new Olympus map until December 15. The second split takes place on World’s Edge, and will run from December 15 to the end of Season 7.

In the Season 7 ranked update post, Respawn’s ranked designers discussed the state of ranked play. They covered topics like the ranking distribution of players from Season 6, and some of their on-going goals for the ranked playlist.

The first ranked split of Season 7 is currently available for players to jump into on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.