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Apex Legends still hasn’t fixed Caustic Heirloom animation after a year of waiting

Published: 11/Apr/2022 20:44

by Alec Mullins


Apex Legends fans are questioning Respawn Entertainment’s silence on a long-delayed Caustic update that was supposed to make his heirloom more useful than ever before. 

Heirlooms are one of the most unique aspects of Apex Legends. These one-of-a-kind collectibles are incredibly rare, boasting a drop rate of less than one percent of all Legend packs. As such, fans of the game tend to be sensitive to updates concerning these treasures.

Back in 2021, the Apex devs promised that the mad chemist would be getting a new animation for his beloved hammer but over a year later and there has been no update and the community is voicing their displeasure over the fact.


Apex players still waiting for Caustic Heirloom update

Apex Legends Caustic hammer

The promise in question was made in the Fight Night Collection Event of January 2021.

In the patch notes of that event, the devs commented that they had removed a section of the notes dedicated to updates for both Mirage and Caustic’s prized possessions but reassured fans that both changes were still on the horizon.

A year later, an Apex Legends post has blown up….

One Reddit user highlighted the community’s frustrations and how it feels like the day may never come for either Legend: “Fun thing is you can never get to the Future, I guess we all spend too much time in the present to get any of the future updates and changes.”


These complaints fall in line with the popular sentiment that heirlooms, especially older ones, should be upgradable as the developers innovate with each new item that gets added to the game.

While the issue is clear to see it doesn’t seem to be on the team’s radar according to the Apex Trello board