Apex Legends stats reveal Warzone 2 still hasn’t overtaken “dead game”

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Despite claims that Apex Legends is a “dead game,” new stats show that the battle royale is still outpacing Warzone 2.

The sequel to the massively-popular battle royale, Warzone 2, was a massive hit when it first launched, outpacing even its predecessor.

Huge streamers from Dr Disrespect to Ninja to CouRage all dropped into Al Mazrah right after Warzone 2 released, along with hundreds of thousands of other players.

Although Warzone is one of the biggest games in the world, it’s still looking up at one of its biggest competitors.

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Apex Legends still has more players than Warzone 2

According to the Apex Legends News Twitter account, the Respawn battle royale currently has more active players on Steam than does Warzone 2 and even Modern Warfare.

In fact, Apex Legends News points out that the “dead game” Apex had 60,000 more players at its peak than did Warzone 2 on the same day.

Of course, these stats only account for player counts on Steam, so the total player counts on Xbox or PlayStation consoles could be drastically different than is the case for PCs or Steamdecks.

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It may very well be that, after accounting for all the different consoles for the two games, that Warzone 2 and MW2 could be ahead of Apex in total players and peak concurrent players.

However, although many Warzone and MW2 players might consider Apex a dead game because it has been overshadowed by Warzone 2’s release, that’s clearly not the case.