Apex Legends Spotify playlist sums up Season 1 Battle Pass frustrations

David Purcell
Respawn Entertainment/Spotify

Apex Legends players have been waiting so long for the Season 1 Battle Pass that their Spotify playlists are starting to reflect the waiting game. 

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Fans of the free-to-play game have been clamoring for the first version of the Battle Pass since the game’s shock release on February 4, with rumors and leaks suggesting that it would land on March 12. 

However, as time continues to roll on with no official word from the developer about an upcoming launch date for the new content, it’s starting to impact people in more ways than one. 

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Apex Legends fans are hoping the Battle Pass lands soon.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Sunhat-sandwich shared their Spotify playlist – which they created to listen to while playing the game.

The growing rumor mill surrounding the Battle Pass, though, seems to have had a sad, but perhaps very relatable, influence on some of the song choices. 

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Just looking at the track titles, there’s ‘I’m Sick of Waiting’ by Citizen, ‘God Fucking Damn’ by Armbreaker21 and ‘Can’t Take This Any Longer’ from Tess Reyes – which are three very possible reactions from Apex fans to Respawn still not launching Season 1. 

Not to mention ‘I Think I’m Going to Die’ by Theresolution5. However, that might be a bit too strong of a response.