Apex Legends spot on Kings Canyon guarantees gold loot every time in Season 12

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Gold loot location
Respawn Entertainment

A spot on Kings Canyon that provides Apex Legends players with gold loot almost every time in Season 12, and it’s incredibly easy to find.

Season 12 of Apex Legends is live and it introduced the new Legend Mad Maggie to the Outlands, a revamped Olympus map, and of course, the incredibly fun 9v9 Control mode.

However, with World’s Edge disappearing for the remainder of Defiance, Kings Canyon has been re-added to the map rotation and players are already identifying the best locations for loot.

While some POIs can be relied upon to provide plenty of purple tier items, it’s difficult to find a spot that guarantees gold tier loot.

Well, thanks to Apex YouTuber The Gaming Merchant that seems to have changed, as they’ve managed to find a spot that seems to hold gold loot almost every single match on Kings Canyon.

Kings Canyon spot provides high-tier loot every match

Gold loot location Kings Canyon
Respawn Entertainment/The Gaming Merchant
Gold loot location on Kings Canyon map.

It’s possible to win an Apex Legends match with basic loot, but high-tier items certainly make winning gunfights and taking down opponents significantly easier.

As a result, it’s important you get your hands on the best loot possible as soon as you drop down onto the map and luckily, The Gaming Merchant has found the perfect location.

Situated just south of The Pit POIs there’s a small building surrounded by a set of loot bins, it’s here that a gold tier item will spawn almost every match.

Of course, it’s possible in some matches that luck isn’t on your side and a gold item doesn’t appear, but the majority of the time it’s ideal for getting your hands on a top-tier item early.

Keep in mind, even if you get the odd game where the gold item doesn’t spawn, this area still has plenty of loot to set up a whole squad for the start of the game.

Not only that, it provides strong rotation options to Containment, The Pit, or Runoff, so give this landing spot a go, and see what gold item you managed to find.