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Apex Legends spectator bug makes enemies look like cheaters

Published: 17/Mar/2022 16:53

by James Busby


An Apex Legends spectator bug is removing the visible recoil from a number of the game’s guns, making enemies look like they have cheats activated. 

Like most popular multiplayer games, Apex Legends has its fair share of cheaters. From aimbots that give players instant headshots to full armor hacks, there are numerous ways for cheaters to get an unfair advantage. 

However, a new spectator bug is making innocent players look like their guns have zero recoil. This is obviously a significant problem for the game’s community, especially when it comes to reporting actual cheaters. 

After all, Apex Legends’ spectator mode is one of the main ways players can see if their foes are legit or not. Quite what is causing this bug remains to be seen, but it could certainly lead to some false reports. 


Apex Legends spectator bug gives players zero gun recoil

Apex Legends spectator screen
Respawn Entertainment/Skeptation
The Apex Legends spectator screen bug makes certain guns look like they have no recoil.

While every Apex Legends update brings plenty of new content to the battle royale title, there are times when bugs can slip through the net. Well, this is what appears to have happened with this strange spectator screen problem. 

Apex Legends YouTuber, Skeptation, posted a clip that revealed how broken the game’s spectator screens are at the moment. In the video, the content creator showcased how certain guns like the P2020, Wingman, and RE-45 Auto all have minimal recoil when viewed from the spectator screen. 

This can obviously look incredibly suspicious when a player lands all their shots. Skeptation noted that this bug doesn’t actually remove any recoil, but the spectator screen makes it look like legit players are hacking. 


So, if you’ve recently seen an influx of players that appear to have no recoil on their guns, then there’s a good chance that it is a spectator screen bug. Of course, this can make it hard to differentiate between ordinary players and those that are using recoil cheats. 

Hopefully, Respawn can fix this issue sooner rather than later. Make sure you check out our Apex Legends page for all the latest news and guides.